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Systems Biology Research Groups


The Molecular Sciences Institute

Systems Biology at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

CalTech - Beckman Institute - Biological Network Modeling Center

Institute for Systems Biology

FAS Center for Systems Biology - Systems Biology Research and Resources at Harvard

Harvard University - Center for Cancer Systems Biology

Harvard University - Center for Modular Biology

Harvard University - Computational Biology Initiative

The Johns Hopkins University - The Institute for Computational Medicine

The Johns Hopkins University - The Center for Cardiovascular Bioinformatics and Modeling

Johns Hopkins University - Institute for Multiscale Modeling of Biological Interactions

University of Notre Dame - Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biocomplexity

Weill Medical College of Cornell University - Institute for Computational Biomedicine

Institute for Advanced Study - The Simons Center for Systems Biology

UC Irvine - Center for Complex Biological Systems

Princeton University - Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

Rutgers University - BIOMAPS Institute for Quantitative Biology

Indiana University - The Biocomplexity Institute

The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratories - Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology

Georgia tech - Integrative Biosystems Institute


The Molecular Sciences Institute - ROGER BRENT

The Systems Biology Institute - HIROAKI KITANO

HIROAKI KITANO Symbiotic Systems Project

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems - ERNST DIETER GILLES

Institute for Advanced Biosciences - MASARU TOMITA

Rostock University - Systems Biology And Bioinformatics - OLAF WOLKENHAUER

Texas A&M University - Genomic Signal Processing Laboratory - EDWARD R. DOUGHERTY


The University of Tokyo - Complex Systems Biology - KUNIHIKO KANEKO

Virginia Tech - JOHN TYSON's Computational Cell Biology Lab

University of Washington - HERBERT SAURO's Lab for Computational Systems Biology

ADAM ARKIN Laboratory for Dynamical Genomics (Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology research)

Harvard University - MARC KIRSCHNER Lab

Harvard University - GALIT LAHAV Lab

Pennsylvania State University - RÉKA ALBERT (Systems Biology and Network Biology research)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - National Center for Biological Science (at Bangalore) - UPINDER BHALLA Group

KAIST - Laboratory for Systems Biology and Bio-Inspired Engineering - KWANG-HYUN CHO

Mount Sinai School of Medicine - RAVI IYENGAR Laboratory

Vanderbilt University - EMMANUELE DIBENEDETTO Home Page

Vanderbilt University Medical Center - HEIDI HAMM Lab

Johns Hopkins University - PABLO IGLESIAS

The Johns Hopkins University - Signal Transduction and Cell-Cell Communication Lab - ANDRE LEVCHENKO (Systems Biology and Network Biology research)

University of Waterloo - BRIAN INGALLS

Thomas Jefferson University - BORIS KHOLODENKO

Thomas Jefferson University - BORIS KHOLODENKO's Lab for Systems Biology

German Cancer Research Center - URSULA KLINGMÜLLER Group - Systems Biology of Signal Transduction

Glasgow University - Beatson Institute for Cancer Research - WALTER KOLCH

MIT - Cell Decision Process Center - PETER SORGER

MIT - The VAN OUDENAARDEN Systems Biology Lab


University of Connecticut Health Center - LESLIE LOEW

Case Western Reserve University - Mihajlo Mesarovic

The Pioneer in the field of Systems Biology - Mihajlo Mesarovic

Case Western Reserve University - Department of Genetics - JOE NADEAU Lab

Indiana University - SANTIAGO SCHNELL

Princeton University - STANISLAV SHVARTSMAN Lab

Virginia Tech - Virginia Bioinformatics Institute - Biochemical Networks Modeling Group - PEDRO MENDES

Rutgers University - EDUARDO SONTAG

UCSD - Bioinformatics and Systems Biology - SHANKAR SUBRAMANIAM

UCSD - TREY IDEKER Lab (Systems Biology and Network Biology research)

IUPUI Biomolecular Engineering Lab - HIROKI YOKOTA / HUI BIN SUN


Spanish National Biotechnology Centre - Logic of Genomic Systems Lab - JUAN POYATOS (Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology research)

Weizmann Institute of Science - URI ALON Lab

Computational Neurobiology Group - Systems Biology of Neuronal Signalling - NICOLAS LE NOVÈRE

University of Notre Dame - ALBERT-LÁSZLÓ BARABÁSI (Network Biology research)

University of Minessota - FUMIAKI KATAGIRI

Universitat Pompeu Fabra - RICARD SOLÉ (Systems, Synthetic & Network Biology)

Boston University - JAMES COLLINS (Systems Biology & Synthetic Biology)

UC Davis - MICHAEL SAVAGEAU (Systems Biology & Synthetic Biology)


Hamilton Institute - Systems Biology

Trinity College Dublin - Centre for Systems Biology

The Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh

Warwick Systems Biology Centre

Cambridge Computational Biology Institute

Imperial College London - Centre for Integrative Systems Biology

Imperial College London - Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology

University of Leicester - Systems Biology Lab

Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology

The University of Nottingham - Centre for Integrated Systems Biology and Medicine

University of Ulster - Computational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at Jordanstown

University of Leeds - Research Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology

University of Sheffield - Computational Systems Biology

University of Edinburgh - Computational Systems Biology group

CoMPLEX - Centre for Maths and physics in the life sciences and experimental biology

CISBAN - Centre for Integrative Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition

University of Hertfordshire - Biocomputation Research Group

John Innes Centre - Department of Computational and Systems Biology

John Innes Centre - Dicks Computational Biology Group

John Innes Centre - Biomolecular Cybernetics group

University of Leeds - Biosystems Research

Cambridge Systems Biology Centre

University of East Anglia - Computational Biology Laboratory

NECSI (New England Complex Systems Institute)

Newcastle University - Statistical Bioinformatics Group

University of Nottingham - Centre for Plant Integrative Biology

University of Nottingham - Multidisciplinary Centre for Integrative Biology

ESIGNET (Evolving Cell Signaling Networks in Silico)

University of Glasgow - Bioinformatics Research Centre

University of Bradford - Computational and Systems Biology Research

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research - University College London Branch - Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research

Microsoft Research Cambridge - Luca Cardelli

University of Reading - Systems Biology research

University of Essex - Centre for Systems Biology

Institute of Food Research - Theoretical Systems Biology program

University of St Andrews - Institute of Behavioural and Neural Science - Cell and Systems Biology research

Biological Networks - Marcus Kaiser

University of Aberdeen - Systems Biology

The Institute of Cancer Research - Network & Systems Biology Team


EPFL - Integrative Biosciences Institute

EPFL - Laboratory of Computational Systems biotechnology

ETHZ - Institute of Molecular Systems Biology

ETHZ - Computational Systems Biology Group

ETHZ - Reverse Engineering Project

ETHZ - Automatic Control Laboratory - Systems Biology group

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

University of Zurich - Andreas Wagner Laboratory

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon - Biologie des Systemes et Modelisation Cellulaire

CNRS - Theoretical Biology of Systems

Institut Curie - Computational Systems Biology of Cancer

Institut Pasteur - Systems Biology

Ecole des Mines de Paris - Center for Computational Biology

CNRS - Universités Lille I+II - Interdisciplinary Research Institute

Physical Chemistry 'Curie' - UMR 168 CNRS/Institute Curie, Paris, France


Kyushu University - Laboratory for BioInformatics

Japan Science and Technology Agency - The Dynamic Mechanism of and Fundamental Technology for Biological System

Nagoya University - Pattern Formation Group HP

Kyoto University - Bioinformatics Center

Kyoto University - Heart Physiology Lab

Kyoto University - Integrated Systems Biology Laboratory

Tokyo Medical and Dental University - Laboratory of Biosystem Modeling

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - Computational Biology Research Center

University of Tokyo - Kuroda Lab

University of Tokyo - Laboratory for Systems Biology and Medicine

The University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science, Human Genome Center, Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis

NAIST - Laboratory for Systems Biology

RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center - Computational and Experimental Systems Biology Group

RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology - Laboratory for Systems Biology

RIKEN - Laboratory for Systems Biology

Tohoku University - Hashimoto-Kagami Laboratory

OIST - Neural Computation Unit

Waseda University - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network (Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology)

Waseda University - Takamatsu Lab

Keio University - Oka Laboratory

Keio University - Sakakibara Lab

Kyushu Institute of Technology - Kurata Lab (Systems & Synthetic Biology)


National Central University - Graduate Institute of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Chinese Academy of Sciences and German Max Planck Society - Institute for Computational Biology

National Tsing Hua University - The Computational Systems Biology and Bio-Medicine Laboratory

Seoul National University - Bio-MAX Institute

Information and Communications University - Computational Systems Biology Lab

KAIST - Bioinformatics Research Center

KAIST - Molecular Genomics and Medicinal Systems Biology - Prof. Tae Kook Kim

KAIST - Laboratory of Computational Cell Biology

Genome Institute of Singapore

National University of Singapore - Computational Systems Biology Group

National University of Singapore - Computational Biology Laboratory

TEMASEK LifeSciences Laboratory - Plant Systems Biology Group

Bioinformatics Institute - Biomolecular Modelling and Design Group

The Weizmann Institute of Science - Pilpel Lab

The Weizmann Institute of Science - Naama Barkai Group

The Weizmann Institute of Science - Doron Lancet Group

The Weizmann Institute of Science - The Kahn Family Research Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell

Tel Aviv University - Algorithms in Computational Genomics - Prof. Ron Shamir

The Hebrew University - Computational Molecular Biology Lab

The National University of Malaysia - Institute of Systems Biology

National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India


Humboldt University - Institute for Theoretical Biology

Stuttgart University - Systems Biology Group

Bielefeld University - Computational Systems Biology of the Brain

EMBL - Heidelberg

German Cancer Research Center - Intelligent Bioinformatics Systems

Jena Centre for Bioinformatics

University of Jena - Biosystems Analysis Group

Leibniz Institute for Age Research and Fritz Lipmann Institute - Theoretical Systems Biology

EML Research

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics - Computational Molecular Biology

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics - Computational Systems Biology Group

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology - Centre of Systems Biology

Systems Biology Forum of the Max-Planck-Society

Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling

Center for Modelling and Simulation in the Biosciences

Institute for Theoretical Biology - Theoretical Systems Biology - Dr. Markus Kollmann

Universität Bielefeld - Center for Biotechnology - Institute for Genome Research and Systems Biology

Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems - Biological Network Dynamics

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Computational Systems Biochemistry

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research - Systems Biology Group

MDC-Berlin - Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements


Welcome at BioCentrum Amsterdam

Eindhoven University of Technology - Bioregulation and Systems Biology research program

Netherlands Institute for Systems biology

Technical University of Delft - Systems Biology Center

Centre for Medical Systems Biology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Systems Biology of Cancer

Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics - P.R. ten Wolde Group

Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics - Tans Lab

University of Copenhagen - Niels Bohr Institute - Center for Models of Life

Technical University of Denmark - BioCentrum

Technical University of Denmark - Biocomplex

Technical University of Denmark - Center for Biological Sequence Analysis - Integrative Systems Biology Group

Plant Biotech Denmark - Systems Biology research

Academy of Finland - SYSBIO Research Programme

Åbo Akademi University - Computational Biomodelling Laboratory

Helsinki University of Technology - Computational Systems Biology Research Group

Tampere University of Technology - Computational Systems Biology research group

Tampere University of Technology - Biological Systems Modelling Group

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland - QBIX - Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics

BIOCITY TURKU - Systems Biology Research Program

Turku Centre for Biotechnology - Proteomics and Systems Biology

University of Helsinki - Hautaniemi Lab

Goteborg University - Centre for Quantitative Biology

Lund University - The Computational Biology And Biological Physics Group

Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre - Systems Biology and Bioimaging

Uppsala University - Systems Biology at the Molecular Biology Program - Måns Ehrenberg

KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) - School of Electrical Engineering - Systems Biology at Automatic Control

Linköping University & Karolinska Institutet - Computational Medicine

University of Bergen - The Computational Biology Unit

Norwegian University of Life Sciences - Centre for Integrative Genetics

University of Trento - Center for Computational and Systems Biology

University of Perugia - SiraLab

TIGEM - Systems Biology Lab

Bioinformatics Lab - Quantitative Systems Biology Group

Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Latvia University of Agriculture - Biosystems Group

Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Molecular Network Dynamics Research Group

Systems Biology Unit, Biocant, Cantanhede, Portugal

Tallinn University of Technology, Institute of Cybernetics - Laboratory of Systems Biology

University of Iceland - Center for Systems Biology


Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Perú) - Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Group

Universidad de Chile - Laboratorio de Bioinformática y Matemática del Genoma

Universidad de Chile - Centre for Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Claudio Gelmi's Research Group

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Plant Systems Biology Lab

Millennium Science Initiative (in Chile) - Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology

Universidad de la República Uruguay - Laboratorio de Biología de Sistemas

CREG - Laboratory of Systems Biology

Universidad de Buenos Aires - Alejandro Colman-Lerner Group

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas - Centro de Física

UNAM - Center for Genomic Sciences - Computational Genomics Program

Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional - Systems And Synthetic Biology

Universidad de Jaén - Biología de Sistemas y Neurodinámica

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - National Centre for Biotechnology - Computational Systems Biology Group

EMBL and Centre for Genomic Regulation - Systems Biology

Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Complex Systems Lab

Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics Lab

University of Barcelona and CeRQT-Barcelona - Integrative Biochemistry laboratory


Australian National University - The John Curtin School of Medical Research - Molecular Systems Biology Group

Australian National University - Centre for Bioinformation Science

The University of Queensland - Systems Biology of Cancer

The University of Queensland - Complex and Intelligent Systems Research Group

University of New South Wales - Quantitative and Computational Biology

University of Southern Queensland - Centre for Systems Biology

The University of Queensland - Institute for Molecular Biosciences - Genomics And Computational Biology

The Bioengineering Institute - Systems Biology and Cell Modelling Group

Griffith University - Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies - Systems Biology research program

Garvan Institute - Systems Biology research

Centre for Vascular Research - Complex Systems in Biology Laboratory


Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology

University of Ottawa - Dynamical Systems Biology Laboratory

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Simon Fraser University

McGill University - Computational Molecular Biology Lab

The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute - Centre for Systems Biology

Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology

Parkinson Lab

Parkinson Lab - Computational Biology

Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine

University of Toronto - Computational Network Biology - Bader Lab

University of Ottawa - Dynamical Systems Biology Laboratory


Santa Fe Institute

U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science - Systems Biology for Energy and Environment


LANL - Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Team

IBM - Functional Genomics And Systems Biology Group

Center for Systems Biology

National Center for Dynamic Interactome Research

The Jackson Laboratory - The Center for Genome Dynamics

ESCHER Research Institute - Systems Biology

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Computational Biology Center

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Environmental Sciences Division - Microbial Systems Biology research

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - The Computational Biology Institute

Ohio Supercomputer Center - Large-Scale Systems Biology Research

Burnham Institute (La Jolla) - Godzik Laboratory

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center - Center for Quantitative Biological Simulation

STMC - Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling Networks

The Johns Hopkins University - The Bader Lab of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Systems Biology & Synthetic Biology)

The Johns Hopkins University - Physiological Mechanics and Transport Laboratory

The Johns Hopkins University - Karchin Lab

University of Cincinnati Medical Center - Laboratory for Statistical Genomics and Systems Biology

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Lu Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Virginia Commonwealth University - Center for the Study of Biological Complexity

Ohio University - Quantitative Biology Institute

Stanford University - Markus Covert Systems Biology Lab

Columbia University - Electrical Engineering Department - Systems Biology research

Columbia University - Dana Pe'er Lab of Computational Systems Biology

Columbia University - Center for Computational Biology And Bioinformatics

Columbia University - MAGNet - Multiscale Analysis of Genomic and Cellular Networks

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies - Integrative Systems Biology research

Boston University - Applied BioDynamics Laboratory (Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology research)

MIT - The Tidor Lab

MIT - Computational Genomics Lab

Case Western Reserve University - Complex Systems Biology Center

Case Western Reserve University - Center for Modeling Integrated Metabolic Systems

Case Western Reserve University - Center for Computational Genomics and Systems Biology

Univ. of North Carolina - Elston lab

MIT, Harvard Univ - Complex Biosystems Modeling Laboratory

UC Berkeley - Keasling Lab (Systems and Synthetic Biology)

CalTech - Davidson Laboratory

California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of California Santa Barbara - Center for Dynamics and Feedback in Nature

CalTech - Richard Murray (Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology)

UC Irvine - Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics

UC Irvine - Yi Systems Biology Lab

UC Irvine - Pierre Baldi

UCSD - Institute for Nonlinear Science

UCSD - Systems Biodynamics Lab (Systems Biology & Synthetic Biology)

UCSD - Systems Biology Research Group

UCSD - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

UCSD - Laboratory of Quantitative Biology

UCSD Biosciences - Computational Biology

UCSF - Tang Lab

UCSF - Biosystems Group

UCLA - Center for Computational Biology

UCLA - Biocybernetics Laboratory

UCLA - Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology Laboratory

UCLA - Kamei Lab

UC Merced - Center for Computational Biology

University of Washington - Center for Cell Dynamics

University of Washington - Computational Biology Research Group

Drexel University - Systems Biology Of the Dynamic Cell

Stony Brook University - BioSystems Group

Rice University - Oleg Igoshin Group

The University of Chicago - Philippe Cluzel Lab

Montana State University - Center for Computational Biology

CIIT Centers for Health Research - Center for Computational Systems Biology

Carnegie Mellon University - Computational Systems Biology Group

Carnegie Mellon University - School of Computer Science - Systems Biology Group

University of Virginia - Computational Systems Biology Lab

University of Virginia - Cardiac Systems Biology Lab

University of Georgia - Institute of Bioinformatics

University of Georgia - Computational Systems Biology Lab

Georgia Tech - Laboratory for Biological Systems Analysis

Georgia Tech - Center for the Study of Systems Biology

Georgia Tech - Kemp Lab

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Systems Biology group

University of Connecticut Health Center
- Richard D. Berlin Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling

IUPUI - Center for Computational Biology And Bioinformatics

The University of Maryland - Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The University of Iowa - Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

University of Arizona - Quantitative Biology Consortium

Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy - Center for Systems Biology

University of Pennsylvania - Blood Systems Biology

University of Michigan - Center for Computational Medicine and Biology

The University of Texas at Austin - Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

The University of Texas at Austin - Center for Systems & Synthetic Biology

University of Texas Houston Health Science Center - Center for Computational Biomedicine

Texas A&M University - Genomic Signal Processing Laboratory

Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems

Indiana University - Systems Biology Lab

Indiana University - Complex Systems Group

Washington University in St.Louis - Center for Computational Biology

Systems Biology at Washington University

University of Delaware - The Ogunnaike Group

Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor

Brown University - Center for Computational Molecular Biology

The Rockefeller University - Center for Studies in Physics and Biology - Leibler Lab

Northwestern University - Computational and Mathematical Biotechnology Laboratory

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Van Andel Institute - Laboratory of Systems Biology

Physiomics - Systems Biology for Cancer Drug Development


Network biology wiki

NSR Physiome Project

IUPS Physiome Project

The Europhysiome Initiative

Leading Project for Biosimulation

E-Cell Project

The Alliance for Cellular Signaling

National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling

The National Simulation Resource for Transport, Metabolism and Reaction

JWS Online Cellular Systems Modeling

BioSim Network of Excellence

Biopathways Consortium

The Yeast Systems Biology Network

The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Networks Consortium

HepatoSys Competence Network -
Systems Biology of Hepatocytes

European Systems Biology Initiative combating complex diseases

Weizmann Institute of Science - THE BioSPI PROJECT

SystemsX - Swiss Initiative in Systems Biology

Biological Cybernetics Site

bioIT Alliance

The Canadian Society for Systems Biology

The International Society for Systems Biology

Nature - Systems Biology : A user's guide

The Seven Stones - Blog on Systems & Synthetic Biology

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