lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

Articles related to Systems & Synthetic Biology

WTEC Study on International Research and Development of Systems Biology

Synthetic Biology Applying Engineering to Biology

Systems Biology: A Brief Overview (Hiroaki Kitano)

Analyzing the Biology on the System Level (Wei Tong)

Feedback dynamics and cell function - Why systems biology is called Systems Biology (Olaf Wolkenhauer and Mihajlo Mesarovic)

Computational Systems Biology (Hiroaki Kitano)

Can a Biologist Fix a Radio? — or, What I Learned while Studying Apoptosis (Y. Lazebnik)

Microbes Made to Order

BOOK - Olaf Wolkenhauer - Systems Biology: Dynamic Pathway Modelling

Bioengineering and Systems Biology

An Introduction to Systems Biology (Wolkenhauer and Kitano)

An assessment of systems biology - IBM

From molecular to modular cell biology

Modularity and Dynamics of Cellular Networks

Molecular Systems Biology and Dynamics - An Introduction for non biologists

Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology

Some new directions in control theory inspired by systems biology

Synthesis and Analysis of a Biological System - Tokyo Univ

Systems Biology - from physiology to gene regulation

The Dynamic Systems Approach to Control and Regulation of IntraCellular Networks

The long journey to a Systems Biology of neuronal function

Systems biology: The reincarnation of systems theory applied in biology

The Role of Control and Systems Theory in Systems Biology

Biological Robustness

Circuit diagrams for biological networks

Engineering novel life

From systems biology to synthetic biology

Integrating scientific cultures

Modularizing gene regulation

Synthetic biology - new engineering rules for an emerging discipline

The gene and the genon concept - a functional and information-theoretic analysis

The intelligent design of evolution

Towards synthesis of a minimal cell

Cell signaling pathways as control modules - Complexity for simplicity

Computational Systems Biology (CSB) - Its future in Europe

Motifs, Control, and Stability

Multiscale biosystems integration

Reverse Engineering of Biological Complexity

Understanding biology by reverse engineering the control

Life as Complex Systems - Viewpoint from Intra-Inter Dynamics

Feedback control theory and the challenges of postgenomic molecular biology

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